The Digital Library Federation is directed by Dr. Bethany Nowviskie, with the guidance of a distinguished advisory committee and in collaboration with CLIR and DLF’s creative and energetic staff.

The DLF Director sets goals and strategic directions for the Digital Library Federation and works, with the assistance of CLIR and DLF staff, to achieve them. She manages the program’s activities and finances, facilitates information sharing among community members, communicates about the DLF and its activities to national and international audiences, establishes external alliances, creates new programs, and works to broaden and support the DLF community. The Director reports to the president of CLIR and the CLIR Board of Directors. In addition, she seeks periodic guidance from a DLF Advisory Committee. This is a full-time position on the staff of CLIR.

Read the press release announcing Bethany Nowviskie’s 2015 appointment. Learn more about the DLF’s mission and work, and its parent organization, CLIR.


The DLF Advisory Committee serves the community by providing guidance to the DLF Director. The committee meets annually and provides recommendations for and feedback on DLF program activities and initiatives. Matters brought before the Advisory Committee for discussion can include budget, strategic direction, performance, and goals. Advisory Committee members are appointed by the president of CLIR and the DLF Director, with approval of the CLIR Board.

Liaisons from the CLIR Board

The Advisory Board includes liaisons to DLF from the CLIR Board of Directors. These are current CLIR Board members who serve as a bridge between the Board of Directors, the DLF Advisory Committee, and the DLF Director. Liaisons advise the CLIR Board on issues relating to the DLF strategic plan, program direction, community issues, governance, and membership fees.

DLF Community Advisors

Beginning in 2011, at least three positions on the Advisory Committee have been drawn from the DLF community at large, and appointed by vote. Additional Community Advisors may be appointed from time to time by the president of CLIR and the DLF Director, with approval of the CLIR Board. Community Advisors’ terms are for three years, renewable once. At present, fully half of the DLF Advisory Committee are Community Advisors.


Andy Ashton

Director, Vassar College Libraries

DLF Community Advisor 2017-2019 (1st term)

    Dan Cohen

    Digital Public Library of America

    CLIR Board member

      Jill Cousins

      Executive Director, Europeana

      CLIR Board member

        Max Marmor

        President, Samuel H. Kress Foundation

        CLIR Board member

          Buhle Mbambo-Thata

          Director of Resource Development Organization for AfLIA (African Library and Information Associations and Institutions)

          CLIR Board member

            Trevor Muñoz

            Associate Director of MITH and Assistant Dean for Digital Humanities Research, University of Maryland Libraries

            DLF Community Advisor 2017-2019 (2nd term)

              Shilpa Rele

              Digital Program Librarian, Loyola Marymount University

              DLF Community Advisor 2017-2019 (1st term)

                Stephen Rhind-Tutt

                President, Alexander Street Press

                CLIR Board member

                  Bess Sadler

                  DLF Community Advisor 2017-2019 (2nd term)

                    Yasmeen Shorish

                    Data Services Coordinator, James Madison University Libraries

                    DLF Community Advisor 2017-2019 (1st term)

                      Sarah Shreeves

                      Associate Dean for Digital Strategies, University of Miami

                      DLF Community Advisor 2014-2017 (2nd term)

                        Jennifer Vinopal

                        Associate Director for Information Technology, Ohio State University Libraries

                        DLF Community Advisor 2014-2017 (2nd term)


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