Grants and Fellowships


We make a growing number of travel and tuition grants available year-round to DLF members and to the broader community invested in digital library work. Many of these grants bring individuals from other communities to the DLF Forum, or help DLF practitioners who wish to build a dynamic and diverse peer network make it to conferences they may not otherwise attend.

Our goal is to create “cross-pollinators”—professionals who move freely among our (sometimes walled) gardens. In an increasingly networked world, DLF means to increase communication between all groups interested in the future of information, including museums, libraries, colleges and universities, and anyone working in digital collections and services.

Forum Fellowships

Get funded to bring your insights and perspectives to the DLF Forum. Opportunities are available for those from member institutions and partner organizations.

The deadline to apply to fellowships for the 2017 Forum has passed. Fellows were announced here and here.

Cross-Pollinator Grants

Get funded to make connections and bring DLF community smarts to related conferences. Applicants must be affiliated with DLF member institutions.

DLF Tuition Grants

Get funded for other learning opportunities.


To Apply

DLF only accepts applications when a call is listed as currently open. Applicants are typically required to supply contact information and a résumé, as well as a statement about how attending the conference will expand their professional horizons, and what skills or ideas they could bring to the conference. When we open the call, we typically either provide an online form to fill out or ask that you send an email with the subject “Cross-Pollinator Travel Award: [Name]” to, including ONE bundled PDF attachment with the required materials.

Winning applicants are asked to contribute a DLF blog post about their experiences.


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